Early in the year 1915 a fire broke out in the home of Bill Michael, located on the corner of Osage St and Point Pleasant Rd. After the fire was extinguished by a small group of neighbors an idea was put forth to start an organized fire department. A meeting by the men in the area was held and at that meeting a constitution and set of by-laws was drafted and on the evening of March 10th 1915, the Point Pleasant Firemen’s Association was formed. At their first meeting Frank Schneider was elected as President and Thomas Gosson was elected as Chief. And in February of 2016 the Association received its Charter. As the center of this once small community was located near Point Pleasant Rd and Peart Ave it was decided that the departments first piece of equipment, which was a hand drawn hosecart with about 500 feet of hose attached to it, should be stationed as close to this area as possible, however there was no actual fire station at the time. So the members banded together and all agreed to house the hose cart in their own sheds or garages. This process went on until 1917 when the very first fire station was erected, entirely by the members themselves, at the corner of Point Pleasant Rd and Ewer Ave. The funds used to purchase the land where the firehouse was located and to buy all the material to erect the building was raised mostly by Ladies Auxiliary events, card parties and dinners held by the firemen. The building was a source of pride to the membership due to their own hard work and continued fund raising which helped to not only maintain the facility but also to expand its size over the years. The area cover by the newly formed fire department went north to the entrance to Durand Eastman Park, east to the shores of Irondequoit Bay, south to about 500 ft north of Ridge Rd and west by Portland and Kings Highway. This area was protected by Point Pleasant until 1922 at which time our current fire district boundaries were established.

The first modern piece of fire apparatus used by the fire department was a Model “T” Ford which was equipped with a hand siren and bell, approximately 1500 feet or 2 1⁄2” fire hose, two hand extinguishers and two 25 foot ladders. The truck carried no water and had no booster or chemical lines. This vehicle was put into service in 1919 where it replaced the hand drawn hose cart.

These simple yet very important steps by a group of dedicated individuals were the start of a brotherhood that would be tested overtime and be asked by their community to always be there when their neighbors needed help and to promote a social activity whereby everyone could participate. The Point Pleasant Firemen’s Association was born. What was mostly farmland began to change as home building began to fan out from the vicinity of the firehouse. With the change in the makeup of what the community was becoming it also became apparent for a municipally regulated management of the affairs of the tax payers and also with the management of emergency services. As a result of that need the first Board of Fire Commissioners was organized in 1923 and the boundaries were adjusted to include property west of Irondequoit Bay, north of Titus Avenue, east of Leastman Lane (now called Oakridge Drive) and south of Durand Eastman Park.


As the community grew around them the membership of the association also grew to numbers that enabled the department to reach every area of the fire district. The association stayed focused on protecting their neighbors all while remembering the need to keep the brotherhood between the members as a vital part of the organization.

While the department was able to fund their firefighting expenses through the taxes of the district residents they also worked increasingly harder throughout the years to maintain a facility where not only they could store the firefighting equipment but also where they could have a home for their organization and those ever important fund raising activities. The memory of the charter members and how hard they had to work to first start this department and what they had to endure over the first few decades would always be on the mind of those to who came after them as they worked to maintain the vision of those first members. With the expansion of many housing tracks on the west side of the district it was decided that there was a need for an additional fire station to better respond to emergencies on that side of town. So in 1957 after the Board of Fire Commissioners acquired 13.5 acres of land on North Kings Highway our current Station Two was first built and another pumper was put into service to respond out of that station. This piece of property would also soon become home to our training grounds. In time the needs of the department and the size of the more modern day equipment would outgrow the capacity of the original firehouse on Ewer Avenue and thus a new facility was planned and once again though the efforts of the dedicated membership a new firehouse was opened in 1962. 


~Taken from the Pt. Pleasant Firemens' Association 100th Anniversary Book~ 

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